Tabs and sounds problems....(BUG?)

Ok, here’s te problem:

I’ve put a tabview with 2 tabs and inside each one 3 buttons. These buttons have the “on mouse enter” handler which activates a sound when the mouse is over them. The script is OK, I’ve checked it once and again, but when I compile the app., only the buttons on the default tab (1) will play the sounds, making the other tab (2) buttons to not reply to the command. If I change the default tab from 1 to 2, then the second tab (now the default) will perfom the command but now the other buttons WON’T!!!..some clue??? is it some kind of bug or what???

thanks and saludos from Argentina! :smiley:

Sounds like this is simply a matter of object hierarchy.
Make sure your references speak to the correct tab.
Also, post your ‘on mouse’ handler code to the bbs. This will help us help you.