technical - rgb colors

Mine is more a technical problem. I use an older program (fortunately universal) which gives me a RGB sample color of an image. Use the snippet below to get some RGB values:

set get_color to choose color default color {65535, 65535, 65535}

Honestly, i used the sample color - option very seldom, because its colors and values aren’t really representative compared to the overall look of a selected image. The results are often reversed.
To change the sample colors i would need to check the images of its values and colors, choosing in the end a color of the given range which is:

  • not too dark
  • not so rare
  • blended with the original sample color

Maybe i need some special plugin, addition or similar. I’m not sure if such a applescript is doable. Hints?

There is the software LiveCode ( formerly Revolution at ) which can do such things with image bits programmatically, including transparency. Ken Ray at Sons of Thunder Software wrote an explainer here: LiveCode is the new HyperCard.

Where and for what do you need these colo(u)rs