Tell App As Admin


I’m running an automation script that will (periodically through cron) monitor an online database for changes and reflect those changes in my FTP program. This adds users with passwords, permissions, etc, and a folder path. I was under the impression that the program would create a folder from the folder path, but I quickly discovered that wasn’t the case.

The directory where new folders are placed is locked down pretty tight, and requires admin access to add folders. Now, I know I could (and probably will) do a shell script to add the new folders, but in trying to use Finder to do so, I realized that it would just prompt me for a password, which is not great for automation. But, if it didn’t ask for the password, it would require a teensy bit less thought than the shell script.

So, out of mere curiosity and a wee bit of laziness, can a Tell Application block run as a specific user, or an admin?



you can control privileges automatically only with the shell

That’s sort of what I figured. Just wanted to see if any of the geniuses here had better ideas than I did.