Tell Application Keynote to Jump to a specific slide?With TRANSITIONS?

Hello I get how to tell application “Keynote” to show slide 1 of slideshow 1 , thanks to James Nierodzik

But that will jump to the slide without effects ( transitions )

what I need is to tell Keynote to jump to a specific slide using transitions.

If that possible?



Well I don’t have the same setup as you so I can’t really test it, but using the same format as I had said before try using the following command

jump to [the slide specifier]

The question though is what are you after? If you are just trying to step thru a slide show it would probable be easier to just use an applescript that sends a ‘spacebar’ or ‘mouse click’ to Keynote. This way you only have one script now as opposed to having a script for each slide.

Hi James and thanks again.

What i need it’s to run the slide show linear but I need to be ready to jump from one slide to the other .

( pls consider that the MAC PRO will be on stage and I’ll seat 50 feet away I know I could use ARD but I need keynote to be controlled from the light desk I still can use ARD for service )

what I can do with my light desk it’s sending an apple script command for every cue I fire.

An example of cue list could something like this : ( consider a show could have 500 cues )

cue 1 = all stage lights out and ready to go
cue 2 = turn on stage lights
cue 3 = keynote slide 1 ( fire applescript slide 1 ) < with use " show slide n "
cue 4 = keynote slide 2 ( fire applescript slide 2 ) < here I could use “show next”
cue 5 = turn on speaker lights and go to slide 3 < again could use “show next”
cue 6 = keynote slide 4 company logo < and again " show next "

now this is a typical example of what could happen while the show is running: The stage manager call you to ask you to jump from cue 3 directly to cue 6 because the client want to see the company logo .

the result of cue 6 will be = Speaker Lights On ( from cue 6 ) and slide AGENDA OF THE DAY ( from apple script " show next " in cue 6 )

hope this is clear :slight_smile:

That’s why I have to be sure to tell keynote “run slide n” even if is the next one to make sure that keynote will display the right slide even if i’m not running the show linearly.

What I should need it’s a internal feature of keynote that allow me to send " run slide n" to run the slide with transitions.

Or possibly an application that understand what slide I’m in and what slide I call and send the relative command to keynote depending on where I’m.

hope this is more clear.

And many thanks for your help