Tell Application Keynote to Jump to a specific slide?

Hello ! I’m not an applescript expert.

I’m working on a project where I want to control Keynote via a lighting desk.

I have an application called Catalyst that allow me to trigger specific Applescript via my lighting desk.

What I need is to be able to tell Keynote to jump to a specific slide and then write as many little applescript to trigger every slide.

I’ve tried my self but I missing something , I don’t coding Applescript so I’m here asking Help !

This is what I’ve wrote :

tell application "Keynote"
	show slide 1 
end tell

But it’s wrong , there is a way to say Keynote to jump to a specific slide ?

Thanks in advance for your help

You had the right idea, but since slides belong to slideshows you need to refer to the slideshow as well

tell application "Keynote" to show slide 1 of slideshow 1

Thanks James , it work like charm!

mmmh but I don’t see transitions.

Any way to tell Keynote to Goto a Specific slide using transitions ?


all the best