Template Project

Hi Everybody!
What is the best way to start a new project in xcode using the code and interface from a previous project. I was thinking of creating a “template project” so I don’t have to redo common work every time I start a new project. I thought about copying the template project folder but, from a previous experience, I seem to remember having a difficult time changing the name of the applicatioin. Is there some trick out there that you experts are using? Any help would be appreciated.

Interesting question. I’ve recently made templates of a few of the most common types of files that I use. Whenever I want to reuse them I have call on an applescript handler with the new names that I want to use. The handler then let Perl (via do shell script) read in the files, grep them to replace the generic names with the new ones and spits out the results into new files at the desired location. Much nicer on the wrists.