Terminal- Better than sendemail? Any suggestions?

Hi All,

I am currently using Sendemail via homebrew to send email from the command line.

It is unfortunately slow. Up to 30 secs per email.

Can anyone suggest a better/more efficient way please?

I used to use a python script and it was immediate, but unfortunately it would not generate a unique 64 character code and ended up as spam.

Any suggestions would be exquisite!

Instead you can make sendmail work fast. You need to configure the /etc/hosts, hostname() (you can set using scutil) and the postfix configuration files correctly.Look in the mail log files to find out what went wrong because it seems like sendmail is trying to access the smtp server, get’s a timeout and try it again on another hostname or port (SSL?) which then succeeds.

edit: If you don’t want to use sendmail nor python you could try php

Hey DJ Bazzie Wazzie!

Thanks for the info, however I am using sendemail, not sendmail


Does this mean you recommend sendmail then?

Well, sendmail is quite the standard on the command line on both Unix and Linux platform for decades. Sendemail, from what I can see quickly, is an simplified version written in Perl. There are some quickstart manuals like for sendmail like gmail accounts that can help you startup.

For the record, I have no experience with sendemail so I do not discourage it. If takes 30 seconds exactly each time to send a mail I still think somewhere a timeout occurs.

You can also use a command line program called mailsend.

It is from a developer online in source code form.
the website is on github below.


I was able to compile it with the openssl library so it will work with SSL also.

Here is the link to download the binary


type “mailsend -help” at the command prompt to get the syntax