Test codesigning

Hi all,

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. For those of you who remember I wrote an application called iMagine Photo that I stopped developing/maintaining 7 years ago but that has continued to work since. I have significant doubts that it will survive the next version of OSX so I’ve been thinking about a replacement.

The replacement is likely to be an application that is driven from the command line rather than via AppleScript though adding an AppleScript interface might be considered after the command line version is up and running.

iMagine Photo is 100% reliant on the old Quicktime Carbon API and it is this which I think will be the end of iMagine Photo finally. My intention for it’s replacement is to use the latest available technologies to achieve something similar, so using AVFoundation, CoreAnimation, CoreGraphics, CoreImage, and CoreText etc. As such all new work is being done using the latest version of OSX and Xcode.

So I’ve started my exploration of AVFoundation and have produced a tiny app that provides configuation options for a couple of command line tools which are included in the application.

The first tool exports movie files, where you can export a subsection of an original movie, and/or you can choose from a list of apple defined presets to export the movie as a .mov file or a .m4v at various resolutions appropriate for different devices.

The second tool takes frame grabs from movie files with a few different options for how you specify when the frame grabs happen. (Every x seconds, number of frame grabs [spaced out evenly through length of move], or at specific times).

The application itself just provides a simple UI for configuring the command line options.

Because all the work I’ll be doing is based around scripting none of the applications I’ll be developing will be made available on Apple’s App Store it just looks too awkward. I am however codesigning any apps and checking whether I’ve correctly codesigned is the first thing I need someone else to check for me.

This application will only work on 10.8 and up.
You download the application here: http://www.yvs.eu.com/downloads/Commander100.zip

The first thing I need checked is to whether the application is correctly codesigned. To do this, on the General Tab of the Security & Privacy Systems Preferences pane make sure the Radio button “Mac App Store and identified developers” is selected. You should be able to now run the downloaded application. If it wont run by double clicking then right click and select the open menu item. If you can run the application then that should mean it is correctly codesigned.

Please use.

The code and project for the app is available on GitHub at: https://github.com/SheffieldKevin/Commander

If you want to make changes and build you’ll need Xcode 4.6 and Moutain Lion. You’ll also need to remove my code signing identity from the build settings.


Great news, glad you’re working on this; I loved to script iMagine Photo. I will have to test the codesigning at home, all my production machines are still at 10.6.8. Thanks!

FWIW, if it’s just a matter of some properties and commands, adding AppleScript support is a doodle.

Oh, and your code-signing is fine.

Thanks for the feedback.