Test for path existance...

I’m going nuts. I know I used to have an easier way to test for the validity of a path using the “exists” keyword. Now I can’t figure it out.

I have a text box that contains a path such as “/Users/username/Desktop/.”
I want to test to see if this path exists.
Here is my current working, but seemingly overcomplicated code:

tell application "Finder"
    POSIX file thePath as text
  on error
    --do something (path is not valid)
  end try
end tell

I thought that I could use something like

...if exists (POSIX file thePath) then...

but I can’t figure it out. (notably, this method throws an error when the path is invalid…which is how I arrived at the previous working block of code.) Can someone give me the simplified way to test this?

No need to use the Finder:


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Not what I originally had in mind, but it works nicely. Thanks!