Testers Needed

Hello People…

I’m currently working on an application to update VLC, since there is no such thing by default,
only on Windows, so I would like some feedback on this

The application will check if the installed version of VLC is the same as the one listed on the
homepage videolan.org, if a new update is found it will download and install, the user will be
able to follow the process in the UI… any ideas or errors would be great to hear…

ScreenShot: http://uniqz.dk/VLCupdater.png
Download: http://uniqz.dk/VLCupdater.zip

Hi mkh,

I came across this earlier today and thought of your other project and was going to send it to you. But it seems like it would also help you with this project too. Look at this page and at the 3rd paragraph down the guy talks about using curl to download and install updates. In the next paragraph he talks about how curl can actually tell when a file on a website has changed. So if you combine the two things you’d have a major portion of what you need for this project.


Then if you go here you may find something with curl that can help you with the redirects that we talked about. I didn’t look through much of it but I was thinking there must be something there to help you.



Hi regulus6633…

Thanks for the infomation, but I am using cURL to download and check the page, the install part is done by applescript sinces
this is a DMG file…

On a site note to the other project (imdb) i’ve been looking all night to fix the redirection and I’m allmost there, the curl -L IS
working as hoped, but not 100% on IMDB this is what i have to fix…

did anyone a actually try the VLCupdater…