Testers Wanted!

Now that I’m working on Tiger and XCode 2.4, I’ve been updating some of my older apps. I’ve finished the rewrite of Romulan Hunt and am working on Tower of Hanoi. I set the compiler to “Universal” but can’t test the Intel version, since I’m on a G3.

If anyone is interested in trying out these apps for me, I’d appreciate the help. Just drop a line to nitewing98@comcast.net or reply here. I’m looking primarily for Tiger users on PPC and Intel, though if you are running Panther or Jaguar I’d be interested in whether they will even run (I doubt it, some of the code is probably not backward compatible).


Hi Kevin;

I’ll have a look on a dual-core G5 running 10.4.7, if you like.

Dual Processor G5 here, if you need tests on this one.

I’ll be happy to help you.

I’ll help…

1GHz G4 w/Tiger
and and older
1GHz PowerBook w/Tiger

Ryan B

p.s. Thanks for sharing all you great code.

Hey, I’ll take a look at whatever.

I’m still on a apple IIe, but that should be able to handle it, right? :lol:


I see. you’ve upgraded then. :smiley:

Hey Kevin,

I can test on Mac Book Pro 17", Intel Minis, and Dual-Core G5s. Let me know if you want specific info on an of the hardware.