Testing OS 9 Script under OS X

I’m using the following applescript to open a .pdf in the same folder as the script.

tell application “Finder”
set myFolder to (container of (path to me)) as text
open file “addition.pdf” of folder myFolder
end tell

It works fine under OS X but I need to make sure it works under OS 9. I don’t have a machine running OS 9 natively so I’ve been testing it by ticking the “Open in the Classic enviroment” check box in the .app’s get info window.

Using this method the script won’t work under OS 9.

Is there some change I need to make to get it to work in OS 9, or is it just getting file names confused because I’m running OS 9 under OS X.

If anyone could test under a native version of OS 9 or offer any suggestions I would be most grateful.

Tim Cox
Primal Learning

Found my solution,

Compiled the script using the OS 9 apple script editor in the Applications (Mac OS 9) folder.