Text Cell doesn't send action

I’m probably missing something obvious again because nobody else seems to have this problem, but why doesn’t a text cell in a table view send an action after editing it? I’m using an array controller.

I have a checkbox cell in one column, which is linked to a handler, which triggers just fine.
But the text cell in the next column is linked to a handler and when I finish editing the text, nothing. I tried Action: “Sent on End Editing” and “Sent on Enter Only”.

What am I missing?


the model is updated automatically,
either you write a custom setter of the property in the model class
or you have to implement one of the textfield delegate methods like controlTextDidEndEditing:.
There are methods to identify the proper text field cell in the table view

Yay! I was trying to use textDidEndEditing: - controlTextDidEndEditing: is what I wanted.