text editor scripting

Hi all,
I am reworking a script I had written back in OS 9. The script runs through a folder full of Quark docs, updates images, then saves an EPS file. In the original script, if there was a missing image, I had it open BBEdit, make a new doc if there wasn’t one, and insert the name of the missing image. This gave me a running list of all missing images. The script worked well. The problem is that our workflow has changed a bit, and someone inadvertantly trashed the folder that had all of my source code. Fun. Anyway, I want to rework the script so that I can use all OS 10 apps. My BBEdit is a classic app, and my company isn’t going to spring for a new version. I looked into using Text Wrangler and TextEdit, but both of those have severe limitations. Is there a really good scriptable app for cheap? Or, has anyone had luck scripting the apps. I mentioned above?

I’m not sure what you’re looking for. What is TextWrangler missing?

As for a script, here’s a small sample:

tell application "TextWrangler"
	if (count text documents) is 0 then make new text document
	repeat with thisText in {"some", "example", "text"}
		tell front document to set contents to (contents & thisText & return)
	end repeat
end tell

Hey Bruce,
I was stumbling over some syntax. Esp. settting the contents. I think I can make this work.
Thanx again,