Text fild always selected on launch


this could be the wrong section to post this in and apologies if it is.

I am just building my first As Studio app and have come across a minor but VERY annoying bug. My interface only has a main page and on it are 3 text fields all of which have place holder text.
The problem is that when you launch the app the cursor is always in one of the text fields thus the user can’t see the place holder text which is instructional.

Is there anyway of getting around this?


Dave Maltby

Not sure if this would work, don’t have time to test it but try something like this:
Make sure the launched checkbox is checked in IB

on launched theObject
tell window "main"
set first responder to null
end tell
end launched

Thanks for the reply, I tried that and I get “AppleEvent handler failed. (-10000)” as soon as the app is launched.

In IB I have selected File’s Owner, given it an AS name of PG Converter, index is 0, scope global, script PG Converter.applescript and then I only have launched selected under Application.

I am guessing all’s correct there?



I tried the above but set it to a button which is fine so problem solved.

Thanks for your reply.

Dave Maltby