text over button troubles. please help

I have made an AS studio app that has text feilds on top of buttons. For some reason, whenever I click on a button, that button brings itself above the text that should be above it. Is there a way to fix this or send a button below when clicked? Oddly, the text that should be above becomes visible if the window is minimized or hidden.

First… what is is you’re trying to accomplish by using text over buttons? Perhaps there is a better way to accomplish this.

Second… many objects… especially controls like buttons, menus, and column headers have unpredictable outcomes when trying to manipulate them in terms of their layer. Placing objects over them will sometimes not produce the intended result, and, as you’ve found, they will come to the front regardless of the level you set them at in IB.

Tell us what you’re trying to do and I’m sure we can find a way, or perhaps a setting you need to configure, to get the desired result.


OK. I have a button that has a text field over it. clicking the button does something. the text never changes, is unselectable, etc. It just sits above the button. the button has an image in it. the text must be yellow.