Text Suite SDEF file location?


Does anyone know how I can find the SDEF file for the Text Suite? Does it even still exist? I assume it must for backward compatibility, but then it has been around a long time, and designed for a different environment than today.

Model: MacBook Air
Browser: Safari 605.1.15
Operating System: macOS 10.14

A suite is a grouping of related commands and classes.

ex. TextEdit has it…

Properly any text edit application with support of AppleScript has it.

Was it ever a separate file? I had the feeling it was included in the same file as Standard Suite, which now lives at /System/Library/ScriptingDefinitions/CocoaStandard.sdef. Apps that used it generally just copied it into their own .sdef files.

It was more a case of poorly designed, I think – I don’t think the environment is a lot different.