Text to Speech on incoming new Mail (only the sender)

Hi, maybe someone already done that script or known where could I look for it, but is possible read (with text to speech function) the sender of incoming new mails in Mail ? Regards


something like this? (define a rule for every message and attach the script

using terms from application "Mail"
	on perform mail action with messages theMessages for rule theRule
		repeat with eachMessage in theMessages
			tell application "Mail" to set theSender to extract name from sender of eachMessage
			say "you got mail from " & theSender
		end repeat
	end perform mail action with messages
end using terms from

Please permit me to ask a stupid question:

When I save this script in Script Editor, which type of file should I choose? Script, Script Application, Script Bundle, Application Bundle, or Text?

Should I save it to a particular location?

I set up a rule in Mail.app, and attached the above script (saved as a Script to my desktop), but something’s not working. I think perhaps the rule is not firing when new mail comes in.

yes! But now where should I put that script ? In Library/Script/Mail ? I have already try in that location but is doesn’t work ? Any tips ? Best regards

It doesn’t matter where the script is located.
But you must define the rule and choose the script for the “Run AppleScript” action

I am looking for a similar script that is “user invoked”, not triggered from a mail rule. I am not that proficient with applescript so forgive me if there is an obvious answer. I looked at the mail applescript dictionary and I am guessing that my problem has to do with the “perform mail action with messages” string but I am not exactly clear on what I should be changing.

I am basically trying to put together a script that will read back to me all the senders of the unread mail in my inbox. Something that I can run if I have been away from my computer for a while.

Any suggestions? Any help is appreciated.