Thanks! jobu and jonn8 .. plus a few questions about sub menus

Thanks to jobu and jonn8, I have added not only a sub menu to my main “File” menu, but also a separator line to this sub menu.

But with respect to this sub menu, or really, the parent item of this sub menu … because … make new menu item at the end of the menu items of the fileMenu … only uses at the end or at the beginning, it just doesn’t fit right because what I really need is after menu item “Open …” of the menu items of the fileMenu which obviously AppleScript does not accept.

So, can I rewrite Jobu’s JBMenu.h and JBMenu.m, and if so, how?

Side issue #1: I can create in Interface Builder a sub menu and can create items in it; further I can even get a reference to it via

set fileMenu to the second menu item of the main menu
set parentItem to the third menu item of the sub menu of the fileMenu
set theSubMenu to parentItem's sub menu

… but I programmatically cannot add items to the sub menu

Why in the world can you create the sub menu in IB, but the AppleScript won’t support it ???

Side issue #2: where are the Implementation “.m” files that correspond to the Interface “.h” files so I can study them?

Side issue #3: what happened to the “ordinary” C++ syntax that I mastered many years ago via Think C (yes, I’m that old) … the syntax of Objective C is really getting my goat.

John Love