The Future Of Mac Automation Is Dark? new mac announcement

Today, seeing Apple’s silicon-applied MacBook and Mac mini product announcements, I am delighted and feel the future of Mac automation dark.

In the future, if Mac apps become sandboxed like iPhones and iPads, I worried that the current Applescript control will not work at all.

Will the situation where I am concerned now happen in the near future?

I’d love to hear your opinion on what you think about it

And, if that happens, I want to know if there might be alternatives for scripters to choose from

Best regards

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opensource booms nowadays, if we do not care by ourselves, then your worries could be right!

iOS apps have been sandboxed from the beginning and that is not true for mac apps.
Every mac application sold on ‘Mac Apps Store’ is sandboxed.

Also Apple suggest developers to sandbox their Mac application.

ex. Pixelmator Pro has AppleScript support and you could find it on ‘Mac Apps Store’

To read more what sandboxing is…

Craig Federighi have made it clear iOS and macOS are different platforms.

I admit that the question I wrote was a bit vague

It seems that the time when I became interested in Mac automation in earnest was from the time of Maverick (OSX 10.9)

Every time a new macOS comes out, I feel that security is getting stronger, and even recently, there is a thing called Notarization in macOS catalina.

My question focuses more on this point than on the sandbox

Just as the text messaging app cannot be accessed by other apps on the iPhone,‘Wouldn’t Apple go about making it more difficult or even blocking the delivery of Apple events between Mac applications?’
I think. And, this is why I wrote this question

I’m just wondering if other people have different opinions on my thoughts

In terms of when and where you can send Apple events, Big Sur is no different to Catalina.

Apple have made it clear and specially on mobile device that privacy is very important. To have
a good privacy you also need to have a good security. It means third party couldn’t access your
private data without you know about it. It means if you allow third party access its limited.
It means your system will be more protected…

When AppleScript 25 year ago it was a different time. Privacy is so important today 2020 and
not only for technology companies but also for any nation who believe its a right.
If a company do not take it seriously it will or could harm the company more and the people
who use it. Apple knows that and thats why they take it very serious.

People always find new ways to steal private data and that is the world we live in.

Ask yourself would you trust Google to have update launch deamon that is run every time
you start your computer when you have Google Chrome installed on your system.

Google is very different company compare to Apple…

First of all, thanks to Shane, Fredrik71, and Joy for the answers.
I would like to hear more diverse opinions