the name of drop-down menus

im new to xcode, and in my current project, i have a drop-down menu. I would like to know two things: first, am i correct that i can go “…set x to contents of dropdownmenu “menuBlah” of window “main”…”. Second, whats the name of the dropdownmenu? thanks.

Maybe this is an tip

If you opened your show info panel in your interface builder, the class of the selected object will be shown in the title of the window. If you select an text field, the title of the info panel will become ‘NSTextField info’, You see that it must be ‘text field’ in applescript. If you select your drop down menu the title of the info panel will be NSPopUpButton info so the name in applescript will be popup button. You can also find a lot in de AppleScriptKit.asdictionairy about names and what you can do. I saw you code but I think that there is an little miscommunication with your script and interface when you run the app. You need to name the popup button in IB (Info panel, and top popup button of this panel has to stand on applescript and the popup button in your own made window needs to be selected). for example you give it the name “mybutton” then the code in xcode need to be

set x to title of popup button "mybutton" of window "main"

good luck