The print properties of QXPress

Hello All (and Marion) … :slight_smile:

The best manner of proceeding, consists with paramettrer a first QXPress document according to your choices, then to recover these preferences to apply them to the other documents to be printed.


  1. Open one XPress document (or create-it)
  2. Configure the options of impression
  3. Launch this small code to recover these options (here for XPress 3)
tell document 1 of application "QuarkXPress™ 3.32" to return print setup
  1. Copy this result in the clipboard
  2. Paste this result to the place of “{}–@@@” in the follows code :
tell application "Finder" to set ListOfXPFiles to (every item of (choose folder) whose file type is "XDOC")

tell application "QuarkXPress™ 3.32"
	repeat with Itm in ListOfXPFiles
		open (Itm as alias)
		set (print setup of document 1) to {}--@@@ paste here the properties from the clipboard
		print (every page of document 1) copies 1 OPI include images
		close document 1 saving no
	end repeat
end tell
  1. … that’s all … :wink:

To see all the options available, look at the class “print setup record” in the AS dictionary of QXPress…

Thank you very much!! Do you know any book about scripting QuarkXPress which doesn’t only contain the elementary basics? My problem is that I can read the dictionary and yet don’t know how to use the command or the class. What I need to know is which object I get through what other. I know there is a file on the Quark website, but they never give a nontrivial example for the use of the terms.
Again, many thanks!


Hi Marion:
Try “AppleScripting QuarkXpress” by Shirley Hopkins published by DBP Connection, PO Box 280 Springville, UT, 84663. I’m pretty sure you can find it on Amazon.

It’s written for Quark 3.31 and 4.04 but it has tons of valuabe info, much of which is still usable in Quark 6 in Panther. It’s really good at describing the classes and properties in the Quark dictionary.

Good luck.

I second that. I own the Hopkins book. Its an invaluable resource for the novice and expert alike. Every application implements Applescript differently so having a book written for the specific application is great.

One depressing tidbit to add: if you’re trying to create a print script of some sort in Quark 6 + Tiger, you’re out of luck till Quark fixes the problem. What worked in Panther won’t in Tiger.

See this link for more info: