There's a way to see what the script is doing in realtime?

Hi guys, when I’m compiling and running my script from the script editor it doensn’t shows any output in realtime, all informations about what it’s doing will be seen when the work will be finished. There’s a way to show the output in realtime?

Does ‘fseventer 2.5’ do what you want?


Browser: Camino 1.6
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

That’s what the event log is for. It logs events as they happen in your script. At the bottom of the window you probably have the result section selected, but there are 2 other choices you can make. Try the event log. At the top of your screen under the Window menu you have some choices too. Try using the result history and the event history too.

the script editor is freezed while the script is working, when it finish the script editor shows all info about it :frowning: it doesn’t work also with osascript from terminal…it’s stupid, the problem there is also with a simple download of a svn such:

do shell script “sudo svn co http://svnblahblahblah…com” with administrator privileges

Any ideas?

Technical Note TN2065: do shell script in AppleScript

Script Editor won’t show what’s going on when you run a shell command. At that point you’re basically handing off control to the shell and you only get to see what the shell returns to script editor. You might want to look at this thread to see about some logging options you have.

I’ve deleted “sudo” and this is what I can see after that I close script editor(with force close):