Thinking about getting this book..

.Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (Developer’s Library) by Addison-Wesley Professional; 2 edition (January 8, 2009)

Hi All,

I started a while back to try and learn Applescript Studio, and Objective - C.

But I did not get far as daily life interrupted me:-).

I now want to start again and have picked up the old book on Cocoa and Objective - c Learning Cocoa with Objective-C, O-Reilly 2nc Edition.
But realise that this book is a bit out of date.

I do not want to get half way through or indeed to the end, and find that some of the things I have leant about, no longer apply to the later versions of Mac OS X (The book being aimed at 10.2)

So I thought it worth me updating to a newer book.

Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (Developer’s Library), seems to be aimed at people with no experience in C or object-oriented programming language (Thats me) .

I wondered if anyone has used it and how they found it. If so can you let me know.
There maybe other books for the beginner that you can recommend also. But please remember I do not know C and have only turned the first pages of the book I have, so I want a book that does not expect me to know C or any OOP.

Many thanks in advance.


I’m currently using Programming in Objective-C 2.0 by Stephen G. Kochan (Second Edition) to learn the language. Note that I’m an experienced C/C++/Java developer. So I’m somewhat guessing about how it would be seen by someone starting with less of a foundation.

I think it’s probably an excellent book for a beginner. For me, there was a little too much “review”. But it still served my purpose well. The author is thorough, clear, and makes no assumptions about the reader’s knowledge. There isn’t too much chit-chat, just good explanations and examples.

I recommend it. Although from what I could tell, there isn’t a ton of choice in Objective C books. :slight_smile:

One caveat (about the language, more than the book) is that I can imagine some of the memory management issues a bit mystifying for a beginner. Be patient with that part and make sure you follow the patterns he lays out.

He does about as good a job as possible simplifying O-O and memory management concepts. But they can be tricky nonetheless.

Good luck!


I did my first steps in ObjC with the 1st Edition of Steve Kochan’s book

Don’t be discouraged, the first time I read the book I’ve understood no more than 10 % of the information.
But the second time you’ll get it :wink:

Meanwhile I use AppleScript only for application interaction, all other things I’m doing in ObjC

Thanks Both of you,

I will watch out about memory, Thanks.


I think if I can learn 10% of what you know about programming, I would be a very smart man;)

Both of you give me confidence that I will get something out of the book, I’m going to order it in the morning…

Thanks again.


This is the one I learned on. It’s up-to-date with 10.5 stuff.

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, Third Edition
by Aaron Hillegass

The book has many step-by-step tutorials to guide you. I agree with StefanK. You won’t learn it or understand most of it initially. You have to do it a few times before it sinks in.

Hi Hank,

I actually saw that book in the shops yesterday, but felt it was for someone with some experience in C as a foundation.
I may still buy it at some point though, so thanks for pointing it out.

That’s true, there’s not much explaining c in the book. For me though it wasn’t a problem. I had decided to get a basic understanding of c before moving to obj-c. Since obj-c is built on c I felt it prudent to do that. I actually learned c online at the following 2 websites. You only need a basic understanding of c. You don’t need to learn memory management so skip anything about that. You’ll learn that in obj-c. I would not have understood much of the stuff in obj-c without the c background.

Hank thanks for the links,

Got my Book today, had to wait to pick it up from the Post offices, too big to put through the letter box.

I like already like the way Kochan explains things. So far I seem to be taking things in, and its fun to be learning something new.

Will let you know my progress…

Thanks again.


Ok getting through the book.

There is a lot to take in.

Just got to the part about Bit Operators. wtf I so hope I will never have to use them, I get the general idea that they are basically used to
switch or match 0’s and 1’s, but for the life of me do not get why…???