Those Bloody.. QUOTES

Hi all, Firstly very, very tired so forgive me if I’m missing the obvious.

I am reading from a file using a do shell script 'cat …
or AS read file…

and want to get back from the file example: 53,52,574,577

Ok I can do that no problem.

What I can not figure is how when I make it into a list {}
{"53,52,574,577"} to get ride of the BLOODY quotes


Unless I’m misunderstanding, I would guess the commas are causing the enclosing quotes because commas are the default list item delimiters. Kill the commas before you read the value and maybe you’ll get rid of the quotes?

[edit: fixed typo “real” to “read”…]

thanks Calvin,

I did try that earlier using a suggestion found here
when I did a search before posting but it did not work.

But you confirmed I was looking in the right place.
So I reexamined the script and found the line

set (AppleScript’s text item delimiters) to {", “} had an unwanted space in the set {”, "} part, taking the space out fixed it.

Thanks again.

You mean I got one right? :smiley:

(I often feel bad that I ask alot of questions, sometimes doozies, but don’t have the expertise or time to “give back” to this forum…)