Thoughts on a Network Backup Script


One of the data center guys I work with would like to setup an Applescript to run against an existing Mac volume with tons of files on it which would grab all files that had been last modified by a date he selects and would move them (including their folder structure) over to another Mac volume, deleting each file after it has been copied.

He’s doing this as a way to prune a common drive used by a bunch of people that just keeps growing out of control. However, too many times he’s just killed old files off the server and gotten slammed by someone, so he wants to keep them on another drive for 60-90 days and then toss them. Each time the script runs, it would save the resulting backup to a new folder which would dated.

I’ve seen tons of backup script code that basically does a rsync, mirroring an existing folder(s) to another drive, but haven’t come across anything that does this kind of selective copy and kill, particularly with the need to maintain folder hierachy.

Has anyone tried to code something similar?



Model: MacPro
AppleScript: 1.10.7
Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Hi jhodges58

I use a application called Super Duper from Short Pocket “”, to do similar tasks, you can run before and after scripts as well as customize the copy scripts that come with the app, worth every penny, also the support is legendary, comes with scheduling also, id say this would be worth a look.