Throttling single app?

I have 2 apps which download stuff from net same time. Both uses port 80.

I need to throttle one of these apps, because it uses too agressively net and slows down other apps download speed.

How i can throttle just single app without affecting all apps that uses port 80?

Do you want to accomplish this with thru applescript?

Hopefully. My AppleScript is now made in AppleScript Editor, but i could move it to Xcode if needed.

Googled throttle process mac.
Took about 1 minute…

It’s a shell script, but it may tell you which CLI command can do what you want.
I didn’t check.

I think cirno wants a bandwidth limiter on process level. There is IPFW and PFCTL (for Lion and newer) to manage network traffic with support of managing bandwidth but that’s on port level and not process level. But I don’t have a solution because I use little snitch and it doesn’t support bandwidth management on process level either.


A common scheme for throttling an app, that is to make one app wait until the other finishes its business is to implement lock files, that tells the other app to wait.

This can be implemented with some sort of communication protocol, through the existence of files between two apps.

The subject can be read about in Mutual exclusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Waterroof has a somewhat nicer interface to ipfw than writing the scripts by hand, but it is stil some work to set it up correctly i believe. escpecially since both use port 80. Waterroof can be found here: .:h4nyn3t:.

Personally, I’d try the nice command on one or both of the apps, and see if that gives the desired result!