Tiger: Toolbars with custom views?

I can create a toolbar with regular image items just fine, but I cannot seem to create a custom view item. Has anybody had success with this?

Nobody has had success with this? Custom view toolbar items?

I still have not had any luck. I’ve tried using

set view of theToolbar to view "theView"

, and all kinds of other stuff and nothing works. Has anyone had success? Is this impossible with AppleScript?

Yes? No? Gaaahhh!

Well, I don’t have the exact shrink/expand think, but I haven’t really delved into it either.

I re-implemented my old tabview/button toolbar with… well still a tabview, but much more simple now. Its also in the “Simple Toolbar” example in the Developer folder:

	set PrefsToolbar to make new toolbar at end with properties {name:"mp3Spec toolbar", identifier:"mp3Spec toolbar identifier", allows customization:true, auto sizes cells:true, display mode:default display mode, size mode:default size mode}
	set allowed identifiers of PrefsToolbar to {"columns item identifier", "defaults item identifier", "genres item identifier", "artwork item identifier", "customize toolbar item identifer", "flexible space item identifer", "space item identifier", "separator item identifier"}

	make new toolbar item at end of toolbar items of PrefsToolbar with properties {identifier:"columns item identifier", name:"columns item", label:"Columns", palette label:"Columns", tool tip:"Columns", image name:"Columns"}
	set toolbar of window "Preferences" to PrefsToolbar

and then they just pop into the window. I change tabviews in the new handler:

on clicked toolbar item theObject
	if identifier of theObject is "columns item identifier" then
		tell tab view "PrefTabView" of window "Preferences" to set current tab view item to tab view item "Columns"
	end if
end clicked toolbar item

Thanks, but what I meant was I want to put something like a search field into the toolbar itself along with my buttons. I know this is possible because many programs do it, and the documentation lists a view property for “custom toolbar items.” I just haven’t been able to figure out the little syntax trick to get it to work.