Tiling Finder windows

I am trying to have all open finder windows shrink to thumbnails and then arranged into rows, filling up the screen neatly.
If there are more windows than the screen can display then they should appear on top of existing ones but leaving the title legible.
I have been struggling with this for a while and I would really appreciate some help.

What do you have so far?

  1. can you get the count of finder windows?
  2. can you do a repeat loop through the windows?
  3. do you know how to get the size of a finder window?
  4. do you know how to resize a finder window?
  5. do you know how to move a finder window?
  6. do you know how to get screen coordinates so you can calculate where you want the windows to go?

It’s usually best to show what you have tried and then ask for help fixing it, especially when the problem is so big.

I got it all and It is working now.

Just a combination of a lot of tireness and short deadlines :wink:

Thanks for your offer of help