Time to deal with AIM handler

using terms from application "AOL Instant Messenger (SM)" 
   on handle event with screen name person with message inMsg 
      tell application "AOL Instant Messenger (SM)" 
         send "test" to person 
      end tell 
   end handle event 
end using terms from

You know, this looks like a simple script that should work. I got this from someone else on the forum, and no one answered him, or anyone else pertaining to AIM’s Handler funtions. I don’t know if it is resentment because it is something AOL Instant Messenger can do and not iChat, or if nobody even knows, but it would be nice if I could get a reworked, funtional script that if someone were to message an AIM account, it can procede with actions. I have been working on a applescript so that people can message an account and request songs on my internet radio station, and this is the last component that doesn’t work.

The script works fine for me with one caveat.

AIM will only run scripts saved in resource forks. If your script is saved as a data fork script AIM will return as -1753 error when it tries to run the script.

i think it was i that asked that question. Thankyou for finally explaining to me what that wierd error was. How do i make sure that aim will like my scripts? Save it as an executable?

There may be other problems in the script that also generate the same error message, so it’s not absolutely the case.

However, saving the script as either an application or as text should work. I have several text-based scripts that work fine.

my workaround was to get someone elses script that worked, then delete what they made and copy my script there. It works for me.

I’m almost done with my script for the AIM song request bot. It is giving me the script error, but only when I try to use if statements, i’ll copy the code down here later when I’m on that machine.