Timed script for copying files

This is pretty much a Finder level script, and is for the most part, recordable, but I’m having a problem with the timing part. I need to attach a folder action to (an NT) server volume that’s mounted on my desktop, that will simply copy the files that are added to it, to another local folder on my computer. I’ve searched everywhere for a “timing” script, that is set to go off at a particular time (4:00am in my case) and can’t find anything that seems to work for me.
Also, in the event that the files are being added to the server volume folder at the time that the script is set to go off, is it possible to have the script wait for all the data to copy to the first folder first, BEFORE it begins to copy the files? Thanks for any help at all.

You didn’t say which OS (9 or X) you’re using. If you’re using OSX, it has the usual Unix methods for scheduling, which I presume will also launch Applescripts.

There are several ways to check if a file is busy (its type changes to *bzy, I think) and there are OSAX that will do this. Someone else will have to post which ones, or you’ll need to search the OSAX database.

Depending on whether you wish to know the time the computer has idled, or whether you wish to schedule a script at times of day or following certain events or repeatedly try:

Acron http://wrcu.coLgate.edu/sean/Acron/index.html
Akua Sweets http://osaxen.com/index.php3?id=akua_sweets
Cron http://gargravarr.cc.utexas.edu/cron/index.html
Cruise Control http://www.walnutsys.com/
DaemonCron Lite 1.5 http://homepage.mac.com/dcoshel/daemon.html
idle time osax http://osaxen.com/index.php3?id=idle_time
idle time extension http://www.dijas.com/ely-old/files-scripting.html
iDo Script Scheduler http://www.sophisticated.com/software/
Keyquencer http://www.binarysoft.com/kqmac/kqmac.html
MacAT http://gimr.garvan.unsw.edu.au/gerham/macsos/macat/index.html
PowerTask http://www.compsoftspec.com/powertask.html
QuicKeys http://www.quickeys.com/
Scheduler http://hotyellow98.com/jvarela/
Script Scheduler http://www.wmotion.com/products.html
Script Timer http://www.theboss.net/appsmore/
Sleep Commands http://home.earthlink.net/~eagrant/
T-Minus Ten http://home.austin.rr.com/mk/tmt/tmt.html

You may already own iDo, as it came free with OS8 thru 8.6, I think.