Timed Scripts

I’m trying to run actions after a set amount of time has gone by. I tried delay but I can only the delay the script in seconds, not ticks.

Jon’s commands looks promising, I was just wondering if there is anything else to use to “pause” a script for 1.5 seconds for example.

Also, I’m wondering what sort of average overhead (because I know it can vary) is created when the resource file is opened… is it .1 second, .5 second?

Thank you.

Extra Suites offers a pause measured in ticks and much, much more. http://www.kanzu.com/

I’ll leave this for someone else to answer since I don’t know. :slight_smile:

You might try GetMilliSec Osax I haven’t used it myself, so I can’t say it’s the best bet. Rob’s suggestion of using Extra Sites is probably the right way to go.
btw: The delay command eats up a lot of processor time, there is a good thread about it over at Mac OS X HInts