Tinkering with File Renaming Prefix

Working on a script (that has this novice stumped).

Taking the contents of a folder that gets pdfs dumped into it. (because the folder resides on a PC Server, bear with me, I can’t have the AppleScript run on it, nor am I allowed additonal installs 'scriptmaker apps etc" as it’s a controlled company server).
Take all these pdfs in the folder “Processed_Dosc_on_Success”, copy them to a local folder on a Mac the script’s running from (so it involves a mount volume to mount the volume from the PC Server).

Then once the pdf files are copied over to the local Macintosh HD, rename them with “LORES_” at the beginning and then copy them back to the PC Server in the folder “LORES_Renamed”. Then once the copy over is done, delete the renamed ones on the local mac, so there’s only the original files on the pc (un-renamed) and the new oness, (renamed) on the pc.

Phew. I’ve been stumped so far as I’ve cobbled together scripts here and there and nothing’s working yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OS9.2.2 OS on the local Mac box.

Thanks, my head’s almost flat from hitting the wall :stuck_out_tongue: