To copy a single HTML table field and result from Safari or TextEdit


I’m preparing some data about my DSL Router for a complaint to an ISP. I’m hoping to go to the router hardware page with Automator, grab the info about Sound/Noise Ratio specifically and either:

Dump into TextEdit and increase the filename by 1 (SNRatio1.txt, SNRatio2.txt) each run
(or preferrably) Dump into Excel as incrimental line entries, allowing a graphical representation of the issue to be viewed.

then refresh the router page and repeat the test and collect a realtime data capture.

So far (being new to AppleScript and Automator) I have collected the whole page of text as a textedit file, but want to get smarter with this.

Below is a dump of the file I’m trying to get the (constant) “SN Margin (Up/Down) [dB]:” and the (variable) result , “25.0 / 14.5”…extracted from Safari to TextEdit. The output looks the same if you export to htm.

Can anyone help? I’d be mighty grateful, Thanks

Moved to OS X.