To get the photoshop paragraph styles properties using applescript

Hi Guys ,

Is it possible to get the photoshop paragraph style properties like fonts, size, leading, colors tracking etc., using apple script?

It is possible, but it’s not accessible via Photoshop’s scripting manager using Javascript/Applescript code. It’s only accessible via Action Manager (AM Code). Some AM code is documented, but other AM Code is undocumented, and this appears to be the undocumented variety.

Here are some examples:

These can be run from Applescript using “do javascript” and return the values you want to Applescript… but digging up the correct terminology for all of them might be hard.

This question has a much better chance of being answered on the Adobe scripting forums for Photoshop. If you can get the code to extract the values you need in Javascript and return them in something like a list of key-value pairs or something, then getting that data into Applescript variables is something we can definitely help with here.