To upgrade or not to upgrade


I have an eMac PPC G4, 1 GHz, 1 GB SDRAM.

Should or can I upgrade my ‘old box’ to OS 10.5 without the disadvantage of lack of speed or other bad things?
Has anyone experience?


Model: eMac
Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)


G4 1 GHz is almost the lower limit of Leopard’s system requirements.
There are three eMac models with 1 GHz. Even the latest model (USB 2.0) doesn’t support Core Image, which Leopard uses more than Tiger

In my opinion Tiger is preferable

Hi Stefan,

thank you for your assessment.
It seems to me, that I have to buy a newer Mac because some of my Apps doesn’t work at Leopard and I can’t find out in Tiger why.

Thanks again


I upgraded to Leopard and it has its advantages and disadvantages.

One of the biggies is that some apps that run on Tiger rely on the OS9 support that’s built into 10.4. In 10.5 there’s no support for OS9, so all those apps are obsolete. It’s not such a big issue as you might think, but if you bought expensive apps such as Photoshop 7, this won’t run on Leopard, and once you install Leopard, you can’t easily go back to Tiger, so you might want to check this first.

I haven’t noticed a difference in speed on Leopard - in many cases, it seems to run a bit quicker than Tiger (the dock certainly doesn’t hang as much as it did on Tiger sometimes).

Also, if you do choose to upgrade, make sure you install the updates immediately (we’re at 10.5.2 now)… this fixes a lot of annoying bugs.

Other than that though, I’m feeling quite positive about Leopard… a few of new features are extremely useful (especially the Finder features), and a few are not so useful, but pretty cool nonetheless.

I hope you find this useful. :slight_smile: