took class with SAL, new, need help with search and path

I am trying to do the following:

I have a server (afp://
at the root I have an archive of Hi Res Tiff files.
they are named like this:
3 letter code “abc”
then the date starting by the year “2004 01 18” (for today)
then a letter (from a-z) “a”
then a number "001

abc20050118a001, abc20050118a002, abc20050118a003 etc…
would be at that path:

What I would like to do:
drag a folder containing jpg with the same name (except for the .jpg) to a hot folder and have the script returning me the Hi res .zipped (or .sit) in another folder.
working from a list.txt

I am to new at this to see how I can pass 2 variables contained in the name of the file to transform in a path and all to be frank…

please help…