Toolbar Items and option key

I have a series of toolbar items connected to actions in my script. For some of the toolbar items I check to see if the option key is pressed when the item is clicked and have my application act accordingly. This works fine.

What I’d like to know: is there a way to change to the toolbar item titles when the option key is pressed or does this go against Apple’s Interface Guidelines? If that is the case, I won’t mess with it, I’ll add tool tips to the toolbar items in question to help me remember what item does what when the option key is down.

Thanks in advance,

I suspect it’s OK – a quick look finds at least one app that does it (Script Debugger). The main thing, though, is to keep in mind that long names affect how toolbar items fit, and it would be very distracting if hitting the option key made a whole lot of toolbar items move back and forth.