Totaly Newbie: Help wanted moving files creating alias


I’m total new, and need help with creating a script, that I can set up to run with cron
where it should do:

for all files in folder :upload
move files to folder : source

for each of the moved files (now in the source folder)
make an aliases, and place them in
each of subfolders in : profiles

(there can be several subfolders, the number is not fixed, some may be deleted and new created).
The name of the alias should be the same as the filename

Many Thanks for Your help


This is a large project. Ask questions about each part one step at a time, okay? For example, in moving files from one folder to another, you’ll need to consider: does the folder exist? if not should it be created? is there a file of same name already in the folder? should it be replaced or renamed?