a little big question for me: how to fill in a previously created file (from the shell command touch) for example, with text data ?

You don’t need touch, AppleScript can create and read/write text.
Look at this topic:


sure, i use already Applescript to read/write text files, but in my case its curiosity. Smarts are strange folders: in a choose dialog we are able to watch inside such folders, in the normal column view not. Why not??


Hm.stop to myself.
a quick look reading your link is not enough. Maybe its inspiring, if the result isn’t what i want.Thx, Stefan!

If you mean write to a file from within a shell script, you do the operation that generates the text followed by space >> space and then the path to the file. If it doesn’t exist, it will be created there, for example: ls /Downloads >> /Users/myUserName/Desktop/myList.txt creates a text file on my desktop that lists the top level contents of my download folder. The key is the symbol >> which means direct output to the following file.

Thanks your post i’ve improved my script with success. Yeah!