Transfering nibs to a new project...

I am about to rewrite a ASS app to better handle the data. (Right now the data is a series of related lists – I’m going to rewrite the code to use records instead.)

My first question is: can I transfer the nib files from 1 project to another project without having to redo all of the applescript names? (There are many objects and multiple windows/panels.) I would prefer to start a new project so that I can keep the current one intact. The current version works so I can still use it while working on the new version. I would also like to change the name for the new project (I didn’t realize a typing error until I was nearly finished with the current version.)

My second question: This is a document-based app with the standard 2 nib files (main menu and document). In the document nib, I have a buttons for Save, Open and Print. Is it possible to connect those buttons to menu items in a different nib or do I need to handle those through code (i.e.: have the Save button call the Write to File handler). (I think I just answered this question. :rolleyes: )

Thanks in advance,
Brad Bumgarner, CTA

I decided to do some testing and much to my pleasant surprise, I answered my first question:

I created a new document-based ASS project; deleted (delete files/references) the MainMenu.nib and Documents.nib; Added the nib files from the previous verision (copying items to destination…). Lo and behold, it works! :smiley: All of the applescript names were still intact; all the handlers were still hooked up; the only thing I needed to do was to select the new applescript file for each handler link. Very nice.

Regarding my second question:

I am pretty sure that I will have to handle those buttons/menus myself. I have other questions about saving the docs, (in another topic “Working with document types”, that I haven’t yet figured out.