transform text to image

a weird question: is it possible to transform a text into a picture ? maybe not via applescript, but with shell ?

Hello Jo! :slight_smile:

It is, and it is done via either Image Events, Sips, something else, or ImageMagick. There was a post here describing it, within the last four months, so happy searching!

MacUsr ?
thanks mate. I did a search, but only superficially. I’ll do a closer look.

There’s also an Automator action called Create Banner Image from Text.

HI Joy,

What text are you trying to convert to an image?

Hi there,
i want to convert mixed fonts and phrases into a JPG image, by user input and via dialog box.
Fonts types can be randomly chosen from my user font library.

Yes. I think it won’t be that easy to find, but a user needing help with it, described the whole process.

Good Luck!

Smile may be a good candidate for this: