Translation Guide For Applescript Studios To Applescriptobjc???

If Anyone Can Help Me Out You Will Be A Legend Since 10.7 Applescript Studios Is No More And I Dont Know A Thing About Applescriptobjc But Im Trying To Understand It!!! Please Help!!! Im Begging Everybody On Macscripter!!! Every Little Bit Helps Me Out!!!.. :frowning:

If you really don’t know anything, then you should start by buying Shane’s book, “AppleScriptObjC Explored”, and reading it.


Best $30 you’ll ever spend on AppleScriptObjC

I agree, Shane’s book has been of tremendous help.

AppleScriptObjC is radically different than AppleScript Studio was, but you can do soooooooo much more, i keep being amazed by the possibilities even after more than a year. There is no direct conversion of the code from ASS to ASOC. It won’t be easy, but it’s well worth the time learning the new way.

I know it might seem very different and much more complex, I know I did think so, but actually it is not that bad. It’s different, but not harder or more complex.

In my experience what was the hardest to understand was the creation of objects and applying methods to them to get the desired result. In ASS you told a predefined command (a very limited set of commands compared to what you have access in ASOC) what you wanted, but with ASOC you need to create an object with a class method first, like an NSArray or an NSImage, and then you use individual objects’ instance methods (or inherited methods from inherited classes), and perform manipulations on them. It’s the simple version of course, but it’s gives you a general idea. If you read Shane’s book it will all become clear. And don’t forget to download his myriad helpers Objective-C classes to ease your pain with the more complex aspects of ASOC, as well as circumvent some problems.

Play with it for a few weeks, then come back with your individual questions on these forums if you don’t find answers to your questions in the earliest posts. I strongly suggest that you have look in the old posts before you create a new one as you will not be the first nor the last person to hit the same problems at the beginning, we’ve all been there at first! :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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