TRICKY ONE - Tell webview to give focus to a web applet?

Hi All!

This is a very tricky one … I can’t seem to find much about it…

In my main window, I have a webview object. I’ve told the webview to load an HTML page, which has a Java applet inside of it.

Is it possible to tell the webview, to give focus to the applet on the page? Java applets require you to click on them before it will recognize commands such as key strokes. I want the applet to automatically be ‘focused’.

I’d appreciate any ideas!


-Mel :wink:

The only thing I can think of is you have to get the java applet as an object (which I don’t know if it’s possible), then you can make that object to first responder of the window. Maybe it’s enough to make the web view the first responder. Do you know how to do that? I think programmatically you do it like this:

call method “makeFirstResponder:” of (window 1) with parameter theObject