Trigger actions upon screencapture

I’m new to Applescript but I’m having difficulty finding an answer to my question online…

When taking a screenshot using the system command - shift-command-4 - I’d like the resulting image to be automatically imported into DevonthinkPRO. I would normally use the the menu option “File->Import->Images (with OCR)…”

Is such a process achievable in Applescript? Specifically, can a script be activated upon shift-command-4 and the resulting saved image on my desktop be automatically imported from within DevonthinkPRO?

Model: iMac 27" retina display
Browser: Safari 601.2.7
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.10)

Hey There,

You can’t piggyback onto the System’s screenshot mechanism.

But there are some options.

Option 1:

Change the default location of the screenshot, and use a Folder-Actions script to do your dirty work.

Option 2:

Instead of using the System’s screenshot keyboard shortcut use a macro utility like Keyboard Maestro or FastScripts to activate your own screenshot script.

Option 3:

A 3rd party screenshot app might have post-caputure options.

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I have a simple script that runs that, because of using a retina screen, produces beautiful yet large images when doing a screen capture, resizes an image that falls into the same folder that images are saved to.

First thing to do is change the folder location:

defaults write location /Users/[u]/Pictures/Screenshots/SomeFolder

where [u] is your user name

Now, familiarise yourself with folder actions:

To get going, you could create a simple folder action that just does a “hello world”

By doing that, you at least know that the folder action is working.

As for the DevonthinkPRO, you’re on your own… I’m not familiar with it