Trouble creating event in iCal - Possible iCal bug?

I am new to applescript and am trying to write a simple script to be used in a program later that will create an event in iCal. Initially, I tried creating a new calendar and then creating an event like this:

	set newCalendar to make new calendar with properties {title:"Foo Bar"}
	make new event at the end of events in newCalendar with properties {summary:"Foo bar"}

This worked fine. However, when I try to add the event to an existing calendar like this:

	set pCal to calendar "College"
	make new event at the end of events in pCal with properties {summary:"Foo bar"}

I get the message “The variable pCal is not defined”. If I try making pCal a reference I get “NSContainerSpecifierError”.

What am I doing wrong? Is this a problem with iCal?