Trouble on letting other people use my Xcode projects?

hey people. I tried contacting other sources before comin here but, they cant seem to figure out whats wrong with my Xcode program either lol.
everything works on it for me, i use it all the time perfectly. But i cant seem to have other people use it when i send it to them . I made a copy of the Main app and created a zip file for it. but when i send it to other people and they unzip it and try to launch it, the appliaction automatically quits :0 - is there some setting i have to input in the main script or something?
thanks -

Moving to AppleScript Studio & Xcode…

ah srry for posting in the wrong place.

If you give a bit more information it would help

A few possible reasons:

This is the most likely one. Set the build configuration as above, then clean and rebuild your target.

ah ok this was my problem, it just wouldnt let other people use the program. but it works now thank you very much