Trouble with folder action

Hi all, i’ve made a script under os X that convert a .tif to a .jpg, it’s quite simple but when I want to export this script to OS 9 it doesn’t work at all. So I tried to attach to a folder the “add - new item alert” script included in Mac OS (just for testing)but the script work only if the folder is opened…

Why Has the folder to be opened and What can I do ¿?

Keep the folder opened.

Or create a stay-open applet monitoring such folder:

global folder_to_monitorize

on run
     set folder_to_monitorize to alias "HD:Folder:"
end run

on idle
     set k to (list folder folder_to_monitorize without invisibles)
     if k is not {} then --> there are things!
     end if
     return 5 --> check every 5 seconds
end idle

Folder Actions under Mac OS 9.x had the limitation that they would only work when the folder was open.

Mac OS X (thankfully) removed the limitation, but under Mac OS 9.x your only option is to run your script as a stay-open app that periodically checks the folder for newly-added items.

This might help:

Description: Folder Actions Plus 1.1b3 is a freeware (for now) system extension fix for the the “open-folders-only” limitation of Apple’s Folder Actions. FAP will trigger scripts when items are added to or removed from closed folders, including the desktop folder for each volume.

thank you rob, this extension has resolved all my troubles… Thank U to jj & camelot too