trouble with "unrecognized selector sent to class"

Hi All

Am hoping someone here can help me out of this hole I seem to have dug for myself. I have very little programming Fu these days but have found myself coding an Applescript to query a text file and discover used fonts and font attributes. My issue lies in that the TextEdit dictionary returns my fonts with their PostScript names and in my efforts to parlay that into a simple font family name I’ve ended up here in AppleScriptObjC land.

Within the larger context I’m trying to call a subroutine which simply returns the family name for a font of a given PostScript name as below:

tell application "TextEdit"
	open targetFile
	if exists window 1 then
		tell text of document 1
			set paras to count paragraphs
			repeat with i from 1 to paras
				set myfontname to my fontfamily(font of paragraph i)
			end repeat
		end tell
		close window 1
	end if
end tell

on fontfamily(thefontname)
	set myFont to NSFont's fontWithName_(thefontname)
	return myFont's familyName
end fontfamily

What happens when I get to this though is the error “+[NSFont fontWithName:]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x7fff7043b720”

Any thoughts on where I should be looking for the root cause of the problem and how I might overcome it. Needless to say, is driving me nuts.

Many thanks in advance

There is no fontWithName: method; it’s either fontWithName:size: or fontWithName:matrix:. See how you go with:

set myFont to current application’s NSFont’s fontWithName_size_(thefontname,1)

Doh! I felt stupid before, now doubly so! Shane that works a treat
Thank you sir :lol: