Trying to copy Files

I have a standard folder action that watches a folder and when a new file is added to the folder it is copied to another folder. It works great…ONCE. If I add a revised version of the file and it has the same name, nothing happens. If I change the name of the file or add a new file with a different name it works. How do I “clear the memory” of the event or fix the script so it will continually copy files even if they have the same name?

I don’t think the action is triggered when you just change a file in the foler. I think it’s only triggered when a file is placed in the folder. When a file in the folder is renamed, it’s like a new file is being put in the folder, since a file of that name didn’t exist before. So, when you modify a file, I guess you coulde remove it from the folder, and then stick it back in, triggering the action


You can’t have two items in a folder with the same name. When you move the first file with say name SomeFile to the other folder, then it’s ok. When you move another file with name SomeFile to the other folder, then it errors. You can replace the first SomeFile with the second or you can rename one of the files in the second folder.